I combine an understanding of how the mind works with 24 years of deep technical and business experience and a lifetime of being a heart-centered human to help individuals and companies of varying shapes and sizes excel.

I help companies capitalize on an understanding of the power of the mind to be more creative and innovative, resilient and more powerful than they ever imagined. Amazing cultures that breed loyalty and camaraderie are a natural outcome. And yup, greater revenues and profits can’t help but flow from this understanding.

But look, it’s not all about us is it? Sure, we all need to make a living and having a bit more than just enough is nice to be able to go through life “in first class”. But I know that so many business owners and other business leaders do what they do for something much bigger than themselves. I truly believe that, even in this very materialist society, most of us want to leave the world a bit better than we came to it.

That’s my real driving force: to help companies become more prosperous — in every sense of the word — and have innumerable ripple effects on the world at large. I think it’s very possible that within a couple of generations, if not sooner, that peace is possible.

There are enough “7-steps to excellence” programs being sold to fill several landfills. Everyone is looking for a magical solution to their problems “out there”, when the answer has been inside all along. Don’t copy “best practices” only to get mediocre results. Look inside, the answer you seek is there, every time.

I come to this work having been a software engineer, entrepreneur and senior manager for the past 24 years, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, exciting startups, and most recently, an innovation school for high school students.