What if a simple understanding of how the mind works was all you needed to build a business that inspired innovation, productivity, loyalty and the ability to continually solve complex business problems? What if you never needed to study “proven strategies” or buy into someone else’s success story?

Imagine if…

  • Business problems seemed to melt away on their own.
  • You could work and live free of overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Your staff was fiercely loyal and committed to your success.
  • New, game-changing ideas and innovations were commonplace.

Humans Working presents a deep, yet straightforward understanding of the most important asset in business – the human mind – and illustrates implications for you as a business leader, contributor, parent, partner and beyond.

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As the CEO of a fast-growing company who has always tried to control a tightly-held vision … Humans Working has offered something different – that if I trust in the unknown; allow for something unexpected to show up; and allow the company to take on its own shape, the result can be far more powerful than I expected.  [Stephan Chenette | CEO, AttackIQ]

Humans Working has let me re-appraise what’s important in the day-to-day of running a creative agency – the challenges of high pressure deadlines, demanding clients, changing objectives, and the need to always be “creatively on” – all of which can be handled with far more grace and assuredness by taking note, and being inspired by Naphtali’s book. [Thomas O’Connell | Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Heart]

Humans Working is not your typical business book. This book goes much deeper than sharing organizational-level practices and strategies; it points to an understanding of human nature that applies to all people in all settings [Amy Johnson, Ph.D. | Psychologist, Coach and Author of “Being Human” and “The Little Book of Big Change”]

Naphtali’s ability to clearly communicate his own experience and distill this thinking and transformative mindset has allowed me to access and achieve untapped potential. The message in this book is quite contrary to much of the typical advice of the business world. [Tapping into] potential does not come from incentives or consequences, but rather from engaging with the fundamental experience that it is to be human: shared, collaborative, honest, and fair. Naphtali’s take on business, management, and being a whole person gets at the core of what it means to be a “human working”. [Timothy Driscoll | Senior Director of Innovation, Boston Children’s Hospital]

Sometimes you come across something that is so trivial you just want to smack yourself for not getting it yourself. This book shows where problems that  just about every company has been dealing with and presents a solution that seems to work every single time. [Hermann Kelley | Senior Principal Lead, Symantec]