Naphtali Visser is available to appear on radio, TV or podcasts as an expert on the effect of “quality of mind” on productivity, innovation and company culture. He is also willing to write for established print and online publications. Please email

Below, you will find information about his book, also titled Humans Working; selected podcasts on which Naphtali has appeared; and links to recent blog posts.

Humans Working: The Book

Why culture and mindset beat strategy

What if a simple understanding of how the mind works was all you needed to build a business that inspired innovation, productivity, loyalty and the ability to continually solve complex business problems? What if you never needed to study “proven strategies” or buy into someone else’s success story?

The challenges of high pressure deadlines, demanding clients, and the need to always be “creatively on” can all be handled with far more grace and assuredness by taking note, and being inspired by Naphtali’s book. [Thomas O’Connell | Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Heart]

This book goes much deeper than sharing organizational-level practices and strategies; it points to an understanding of human nature that applies to all people in all settings[Amy Johnson, Ph.D. | Psychologist, Coach and Author]

Now available on Amazon/Audible in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats.

Selected Podcasts

[Full Episode] Join Up Dots: Boosting Morale By Getting Humans Working | Show Excerpts
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Excerpt 01: Rescuing a Company and What Led to this Work (3:48)

Excerpt 02: Something Always Shows Up (2:24)

Excerpt 03: That We’re Thinking & Stillness (2:48)

Excerpt 04: How to Change Morale (3:40)

Excerpt 05: Creativity and Well Being (3:24)

Excerpt 06: Employee Engagement (2:12)

Excerpt 07: Showing Up; Sales; Human Connection (4:14)

Excerpt 08: Joining the Dots (1:33)

Excerpt 09: On Being Calm vs. Frazzled (3:07)

Excerpt 10: Inside Out vs. Outside In (3:37)

Excerpt 11: Advice to My Younger Self (1:59)

Hacker Practice: Kindness, The Art of No Thought, and Photography

Hacker Practice: Kindness, The Art of No Thought, and Photography | Show Excerpts
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Excerpt 02: Resilience; It Always Works Out (2:14)

LIFTED: Overcoming Mental Adversities (for Entrepreneurs)

Selected Blog Posts

The Myth of Cascading Misery

The Myth of Cascading Misery

The Myth of Cascading Misery EXECUTIVE COACHING, LEADERSHIP Naphtali Visser | 03 January 2018 What could change if everyone within an organization realized that it’s impossible for “it” to flow downhill? What if everyone within an organization realized that their...