Working Together

I offer several programs, all tailored to your needs.  Below are some example programs.

A two-day seminar that will completely transform your approach to leadership and business success. You will clearly see the only thing that gets in the way of thriving in business.

After this seminar you will:

  • Be able to keep your cool in times of chaos, without having to employ any strategies.
  • Be able to work with a sense of ease, clarity and flow.
  • Be able to work free of overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Connect more deeply with your staff, customers and vendors, leading to better outcomes all around.
  • Have a new understanding of how to solve problems that you’ve been struggling with for months.
  • Notice opportunity even in a downturn.
  • Notice that problems begin to disappear by themselves.
  • Grow personally and professionally, without effort.

A four-day workshop.  During the first two days, we dig into an understanding of how the mind works, essentially mirroring the content of the “Inside-Out Leadership Seminar” above.  In the following two days, we work with you to solve a business problem that has previously seemed unsolvable.

What seems to happen is that once people understand how the human operating system works, brilliant, new, innovative ideas seem to come “from nowhere” and problems that were previously unsolvable become solvable quite easily.

Executives (Founders, CEOs, VPs, Managers, etc.) are invited to work intensively, one-on-one with Naphtali to achieve the benefits mentioned above and to dive even deeper into this understanding to gain a sense of absolute clarity in business and all other aspects of life.